Book Recommendation: ‘The Secret Book of Flora Lea’ by Patti Callahan Henry

Recommended by KARLIE MARTENS, Bookseller, Novel Bay Booksellers

The Secret Book of Flora Lea is part historical fiction, part mystery, part love story and all amazing. 

The story begins with Hazel and her young sister, Flora, being sent to a foster home during World War II’s Operation Pied Piper. To help ease their pain during this separation from their family, Hazel tells Flora a fairy tale that takes place in the magical land of Whisperwood. The sisters keep Whisperwood their secret, journeying there together as their sanctuary during the war. 

As they reach a year away from their mother, Flora goes missing during an afternoon spent in the forest. Everyone but Hazel believes Flora to be dead, and this glimmer of hope keeps Hazel going.

Twenty years later, Hazel finds a copy of a book titled Whisperwood and the River of Stars. Hazel must find out how an American author discovered the story that was a secret between the two sisters, and what that means about Flora’s whereabouts.

The story jumps between current-day Hazel attempting to push past her guilt about Flora’s disappearance, and the time before and after Flora went missing. Multiple points of view create a beautifully intertwined story of love, loss, found family and a bit of magic.

The Secret Book of Flora Lea has something for any type of reader, and it’s sure to be one of your favorites this year!

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