“Bounded Movement” Exhibit Opens at Woodwalk Gallery of Door County

“Taking A Spin” by Anita Winkler

Woodwalk Gallery will present its second exhibit of the season, “Bounded Movement,” featuring new works by Rebecca Crowell and Anita Winkler. The opening public reception, including food, beverages, and music, will be July 3 from 4:30 – 7 pm. At 6 pm, the artists will discuss their work.

Crowell’s work in oil paint and hot wax evoke a struggle for balance and symmetry; major elements of her work are joined by etched scribbling and splashes of color. A highly awarded artist and influential faculty member at Peninsula School of Art, she inspires students and viewers with her sense of abstraction and dissidence.

Winkler’s works for the exhibit are filled with meaning highlighted by her unique artistic techniques. For “Taking A Spin” she has carefully captured spider webs, dyed them, mounted them, and sealed them with cold wax. The pieces are memorable in or out of their context in nature. In “Nancy’s Favorites,” Winkler has incorporated fabric squares from her mother’s wardrobe. The viewer cannot help but remember a dress “like that” worn by mother or grandmother, or, at least, available in a vintage clothing store.

Woodwalk Gallery is located at 6746 County Road G, five miles south of Egg Harbor, just off Highway 42. “Bounded Movement” will be on display 10 am – 5 pm daily from July 1 through August 11. For more information call 920.868.2912.