Cheese Lover’s Delight

It might be stating the obvious to say that here in Wisconsin we love cheese. In celebration of that fact, every other Tuesday evening, starting July 13, The Savory Spoon in Ellison Bay will host artisan cheesemakers from around Wisconsin.

These cheesemakers bring with them not only the finest cheeses, (from goat, to gouda, to raw milk cheese, and many more) but also a passion to share their knowledge about the cheese making process.

Michael and Janice Thomas, owners of The Savory Spoon, are excited to offer people an opportunity to come, listen to the cheesemakers share about their experience, and sample cheese paired with wine, gourmet fruits, cured meats and artisan bread.

“It’s a very special night where the cheesemaker will share his cheese making ideas and products,” Michael Thomas says.

The opportunity to talk about cheese so openly, and in such detail, does not come around very often for either the cheesemaker or the cheese lover. These cheesemakers delight in educating people who are interested in cheese.

On July 13th, cheesemaker Al O’Brien from the Mt. Sterling Co-op comes to The Savory Spoon. The Mt. Sterling Co-op specializes in artisan goat cheese.

Enjoy Wisconsin’s world famous, cheesy talent with friends and family.

Thomas says, “That’s the only cheese we’re going to sell in our store – artisanal Wisconsin cheese.”

These events start at 6 pm and last until about 7:30 p.m. For more information, or to make a reservation, visit or call 920.854.6600.