Clay Banks Residents To Vote on Broadband Funding

Clay Banks residents can attend a special town meeting on Saturday, Aug. 19, beginning at 9 am, at the town hall to vote on a funding option that will be discussed to bring broadband to the town. 

Anyone 18 and older who has been a Clay Banks resident for at least 28 days is considered an “elector” and is therefore eligible to vote in town meetings, even if they aren’t registered to vote in regular elections.

Leading up to the meeting, the town’s Broadband Committee and the town board both considered a resolution authorizing broadband funding. Town chair Myron Johnson said that resolution, which the town board approved Monday, will be considered during the special town meeting.

The resolution seeks approval of the installation of a comprehensive communication package with Bertram Communications for $3,637,972.

With the contributions of Bertram, the County of Door and American Rescue Plan Act funds, the resolution states that the final cost to

the town would be $2,715,186.

If town electors approve the resolution – a simple majority is all that’s required, according to Johnson – it would authorize the board to obtain funding via loans and grants of $2,715,186, plus costs, to finance the total project to completion.

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