Competition For Mid-Door Ambulance Site

Similar to the Town of Jacksonport, the Village of Egg Harbor has begun discussing the possibility of providing a location for the construction of a new, mid-Door ambulance station for Door County Emergency Services (DCEMS). 

Also, the Egg Harbor Town Board will work with the village to compose a letter espousing the virtues of having an ambulance station adjacent to the fire station on Harbor School Road within the village, said Town Chair Steve Schopf. The town and village split costs for fire protection.

DCEMS director Aaron LeClair on March 13 showed the village board how response times to Jacksonport, Egg Harbor and the middle of northern Door County from the Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay stations often surpass a nationwide standard of 14 minutes. A station adjacent to the Jacksonport fire station near state Highway 57 and county roads V and A would improve response times in the underserved areas, with five-minute responses on the east side and some slightly longer response times to Egg Harbor. A reverse pattern was seen for a potential station on Harbor School Road in Egg Harbor, with rapid responses in Egg Harbor. 

Either location would greatly improve response times to the Egg Harbor, Jacksonport and Carlsville areas.

LeClair indicated that a stand-alone station in the dead center of the underserved area would cost at least $2.3 million, while a station adjacent to the Jacksonport or Egg Harbor fire stations would provide some shared spaces and reduce the cost to about $1.9 million.

LeClair said the soonest a project would go to bid is November, with construction in 2025.