Condos Proposed for Little Sister/ Fred & Fuzzy’s Site

The new owners of the property that was formerly Little Sister Resort and Fred & Fuzzy’s restaurant have presented their plans to transform the property that welcomed guests and diners for nearly a century. 

Lance and Bridget Crane presented an outline for the Cove at Pebble Beach, a complex of 18 residential condominiums, to the Sister Bay Plan Commission Tuesday. Most of the units are located on the portion of the parcel on the landward side of Little Sister Road. The project is located in the village’s B-1 business district, and would require a Conditional Use Permit. 

The units would range between 2,200 and 2,500 square feet, and only the two units on the water would have access to the property’s waterfront amenities. The Cranes plan to build a private home on the northern portion of the waterfront parcel. 

Plan Commission Chair Denise Bhirdo noted several issues the Cranes will have to address in the plan, including ingress and egress of emergency vehicles, and lot sizes. The village requires 20,000 square feet for a parcel with a single-family home, but the Crane’s proposal averages about 11,000 square feet per home. 

If approved the Cranes plan to begin construction in spring of 2021 with full build-out in 2022.

Plan commissioner Mary Kay Shumway seconded Bhirdos concern about access for emergency vehicles to the complex because it uses a cul-de-sac configuration rather than separate entry and exit points.

“Perhaps this needs a little bit more investigation than a normal situation,” Shumway said. 

Bhirdo also asked the property owners to work with the Sister Bay Historical Society or other interested parties on options for preserving the barn, cabins, and dining hall that were part of Little Sister Resort. She said the barn includes a rare truss system unique to the area. 

“If there’s a portion of it that can be saved I would like the opportunity to do so,” she said.

The Plan Commission voted to move the project on to a public hearing where residents will have an opportunity to weigh in on the project.

The cabins at Little Sister Resort won’t be around much longer. Photo by Myles Dannhausen Jr.