Congratulations to Dylan Kwaterski

Throughout our country’s great history,
Whether bright times or the darkest din,
If a youngster wanted spending cash,
He started at home working for “kin.”
He’ll work as long as it’s in the family –
Says he’s worked every job in the place.
Remembers wrapping potatoes at age 5 or 6,
For a whopping one dollar a case.
He maintains great memories of Door County,
With so many tourists to please,
But back to his real love in winter,
Down south in Florida’s great Keys.
Holds a degree in marine biology,
From the one and only South Florida U.
Loves being above and under big water,
Great diversity not to mention the view.
Would love to continue this fine dual life,
As his thoughts to the future doth drift.
That’s him skimming waves on his kite board,
That’s dad at the end of the pier, “Hey! Time to start your shift!”