County May End Funding for Door 2 Door Public Transportation

The County of Door has been providing a public transportation services known as Door 2 Door rides since 2009. It is a combination of services that includes shared ride taxi service as well as bus trips available through the Aging and Disability Resource (ADRC) Bus and the Sunshine House Bus. This system has been changing relating to financial resources since its inception.

In 2018 the county had to decrease the number of hours of services provided by the taxi vendor. In 2019 the County Board allocated an additional $80,000 to cover costs and to study what can be done to preserve the system.

Beginning in 2020 the county will need to commit approximately $170,000 per year to keep the system going. This is projected to go up over $220,000 within five years. The county has other fiscal issues that make the ability to commit that much money to transportation extremely difficult.

There will be a presentation to the full County Board on Tuesday, March 26, (meeting starts at 10:00 a.m.), to review the current status of the system. Based on the information presented, the Board will begin the process of deciding if the public transit will remain available.