Croyle Signs New Book, ‘Joyfinity’

Algoma author Tricia Jeane Croyle will be signing her fifth book, Joyfinity: The WOW of Energy Mastery, on June 12, 10 am – 2 pm, at Café Tlazo, 607 4th St. in Algoma. Her book is available at bookstores, on Amazon and as an e-book. 

Want to experience what happens when joy meets infinity? Croyle’s book explores higher levels of flowing energy that allow us to blast through our current stagnated states to live our lives in freedom, flow and fun. This first work in her Energy series offers guidance and a loving space with 50 Sacred Technologies to launch your mastery.

Croyle ( is an architect and Life Transformed coach who has focused on teaching, architecture, introspection, travel, storytelling and horses.