DCLT Reveals More On Shoreline Easement

Door County Land Trust released more details last week on a 589-foot stretch of shoreline, bluff, woods and escarpment to which it will have perpetual protection rights. As 2023 came to an end, Michael Schmitz of Ellison Bay granted the easement to four acres next to his home at the end of Porcupine Bay Road.

“It is not every day we get the opportunity to protect undeveloped Door County shoreline.” said Conservation Easement Program Manager Drew Reinke. “This is a rare addition to the Land Trust’s conservation easement portfolio.”  

In 1999, Schmitz built a home on the northernmost lot and reserved the adjacent parcel for its natural beauty and conservation value. 

“It’s important to me that it stays the way it is,” said Schmitz, who retains ownership of the land. “I’ve done nothing to it in the 25 years I’ve owned it. I decided that I want it to be preserved after I’m gone.”

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