DNR Decommissioning All Wisconsin Fire Towers

Today, more than 90 percent of forest fires are first reported by citizens, according to Trent Marty, director of Wisconsin DNR’s Bureau of Forest Protection. During the past year, the DNR conducted a broad evaluation of the use of fire lookout towers for fire reporting and has decided to decommission all 72 towers. With fire towers no longer needed, the DNR is seeking entities interested in assuming ownership of decommissioned fire towers. The vast majority of them are in northern Wisconsin. Fire towers could have repurposed uses for telecommunications and broadband, recreation or private rentals. If you have an interest in a tower, contact John Gozdzialski, Northern Region Secretary’s Director for the DNR. Unsold fire towers will be torn down. The DNR’s decision follows a national trend of states moving away from fire towers or eliminating them altogether.

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