Door County Cancer Center Holds Screening Event

The Mary Hendrickson-Johnson Skin Screening event will be held in Sturgeon Bay on May 4, 4:30 – 6:30 pm, at Door County Cancer Center, 323 S. 18th Ave. The screening is free, but space is limited. Skin cancer risks are based on many factors including family history, biological characteristics such as hair color, eye color, skin type, age, ethnicity and gender. Risks are also based on behavioral characteristics such as the area in which you live, level of sun exposure, number of severe burns, amount of skin protection used and use of tanning beds. The good news is that if detected early, skin cancer has a very high cure rate – basal and squamous cell cancers have a nearly 100 percent cure rate. Melanoma has a 91 percent five-year survival rate.

Register and take the risk assessment online at or call 920.433.8488 to schedule an appointment.

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