Door County Coffee & Tea Expansion

Door County Coffee & Tea Co. announces the opening of the expansion to its Gift Store and Café in Carlsville. The new addition, featuring an expanded offering of home décor, woman’s accessories, and gourmet food is now open.

A second addition is being planned for later this year in an effort to meet the growing warehouse demands of the wholesale side of the business. New employees are also being added to meet the demands of customers, with two new employees recently added in the production facility and another open position currently available.

“We are thrilled and humbled by the growth that we continue to experience. We have a fantastic team of 40 people working hard together and it is their passion that allows us to continue to give our customers what they are looking for,” said founder & CEO Vicki Wilson. “It’s about their work ethic and belief in the product. Their pride shows in every roast, every package, every meal, every presentation, and every single phone call. Their contributions to our company are enormous and our customers feel the love.”

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