Door County Community Foundation Introduces “Growing Older in Door County”

The Door County Community Foundation introduces Growing Older in Door County, a community engagement effort that will develop a shared vision and set of aspirations around what our residents collectively want for Door County as we age. This spring and summer, Growing Older in Door County will hold Neighborhood Conversations in every part of the county. This fall, they’ll convene a countywide assembly of both year-round and seasonal residents drawn from these conversations to shape our community’s ultimate vision and common aspirations for growing older in Door County. A dynamic and diverse group of community leaders has volunteered to guide this effort as a part of a Leadership Team.

Volunteers are needed to host Neighborhood Conversations. Each Neighborhood Conversation takes about 90 minutes and works best with 10 to 24 people. The Community Foundation is available to assist with the logistics of hosting. To get started, contact Christine Henkel at 920.746.1786 or email [email protected]. For more information visit


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