Door County Medical Center Partners with Prevea Behavioral Health to Increase Psychiatric Services

Door County Medical Center (DCMC) now offers increased psychiatric services to the community through a new partnership with Prevea Behavioral Health. “We are pleased to announce that Dr. Richa Aggarwal and Dr. John Olsen of Prevea will collaborate with DCMC’s Heidi Derbick, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, to meet the mental health needs of our community,” said Jodi Hibbard, director of clinic operations at DCMC.

Dr. Aggarwal, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and Dr. Olsen, who specializes in adult mental health, will serve as collaborating psychiatrists for Derbick’s patients. “This new partnership makes our mental health services more robust, enabling us to better meet one of the top identified community health needs here in Door County,” said Hibbard. “Patients under the care of Derbick, Aggarwal and Olsen will have more immediate access to expert psychiatric care.”

The collaboration is an example of how DCMC’s recent partnership with HSHS, which includes Prevea, has led to increased health care offerings for the community.

Patients seeking psychiatric care or psychotherapy services at DCMC do not need to be under the care of a DCMC primary care physician. To make an appointment, call 920.746.0510.

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