Door County Poet Laureates Featured In New Anthology

Thomas and Ethel Mortenson Davis, the current poet laureates of Door County, are two of the poets featured in Leaving, a new anthology about dying and grief by British publisher Bennison Books.

The Davises lost their son, Kevin Michael Davis, to cancer in 2010. Subtitled Not to be Afraid, Ethel Mortenson Davis’ poems in the anthology detail the dreams she had prior to his death, her experience by his bedside as death approached, and the grief she dealt with afterwards.

Thomas Davis’ poems in the volume present eight of the 45 sonnets he wrote during one of the darkest times of his and his wife’s lives.

Leaving is the second Bennison Books poetry anthology to contain the Davises’ work, with the 2017 book Indra’s Net being the first. Bennison Books also published Thomas Davis’ epic poem The Weirding Storm.

Other poets featured in the anthology include Cynthia Jobin, John Looker and A. Carder.  

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