Door County Poet Profile: Jude Genereaux

Home: Ellison Bay and Long Lake, Wisconsin

Favorite poet(s): Charles Bukowski and Mary Oliver (go figure); as well as Sigurd Olson, Elizabeth Sargent, Alice D’alessio…and more.

Favorite poem: “Coconut” by Paul Hostovsky

Favorite book of poetry: New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver, The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills by Charles Bukowski, and the anthology A Family of Poems compiled by Caroline Kennedy for children.

Structured or free verse? Free

Favorite themes: The natural world, relationships/family dynamics

Inspiration: Solitude, mornings, my partner Norbert Blei

Where do you write? Most [poems] come while walking, the muse keeps pace…

How often do you write? Every day – hours

How many drafts do you go through? Numerous

Any advice to beginning poets? Read a lot of poets, write everything that comes to mind, sort it all out later.

Where can readers find your poetry? My work has been included in publications of the Cross+Roads Press, Hummingbird, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets’ Calendars, selections of Wisconsin Academy Arts Science & Letters, and a variety of small press and newspapers. I have two collections of essays, photography and poetry published: Base Camp and There is More Than One Door, available here and there or by emailing [email protected].