Drawing as Practice, Medium at PenArt

The process of drawing and its place as a medium itself are explored in the exhibit From the Ashes: Works in Charcoal, Graphite and Ink, Aug. 17 – Sept. 15, at Peninsula School of Art. Traditional figurative and landscapes, as well as non-traditional abstract works and in-process sketchbooks are displayed.

The range of approaches presented attests to the effervescence of drawing and its contribution to contemporary art. The exhibition includes works by Craig Blietz, Jaron Childs, Stuart Fullerton, Emmett Johns, Stanka Kordic, Sookyi Lee, Susan Messer and Todd Mrozinski.

From the Renaissance to the end of the 19th century, drawing was regarded as a practice medium, mostly used in process. However today, drawing has become increasingly more innovative and is constantly being redefined, reinvented, and new technologies continue to stretch its boundaries.

“This exhibition highlights not only the importance of drawing as a fundamental skill and practice, but the striking richness and beauty that can be achieved through mostly monochromatic works on paper,” said Executive Director Cathy Hoke.

The exhibition opens Aug. 17, 4-6 pm. The event includes a demonstration in charcoal by Fullerton and a panel discussion with Blietz, Messer, Stuart and others. The exhibition and opening are free to the public. For more information visit

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