Egg Harbor Seeks Funds for More Harbor Improvement

Egg Harbor’s marina broke even during 2023, despite a grand total of $91,000 in projects, which included emergency repairs and additional preventive measures and upgrades after chains broke and docks drifted in an August wind event.

That was the report during the village harbor committee meeting this month. About $20,000 in budgeted work was completed prior to last year’s boating season.

There’s still work to be done this year, prior to boating season, including replacement of chains that are in the same vulnerable state as those that broke during the late-summer storm, said Megan Sawyer, Village Administrator.

Village officials expected to learn more about those costs during a meeting piggybacked with a Feb. 28 bid opening for the utility-burial and downtown infrastructure, sidewalk and beautification project along state Highway 42.

Sawyer said the older, thinner chains were weakened by secretions from nonnative mussels, according to engineers from Edgewater Resources. 

Also, the village will prepare an application for Wisconsin Waterways Commission funding for another project, Sawyer said. The addition of  two pilings would block docks from drifting. In addition, the marina crew would use the pilings to tie off any large vessels, up to 50 feet, in order to lessen the load on the docks and dock chains, she said.

Sewer, anyone?

Separately, the village utility committee is pinpointing exact costs of extending sanitary sewer to two property owners and perhaps four or five parcels in the Point Beach neighborhood, Sawyer said. The village is not expanding the system throughout the Point, but rather can determine a special assessment to bill the owners along Point Circle Drive who requested connection and construction of extension westward from Moonlight Lane. The assessment would be calculated per foot of property frontage.

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