Ephraim Yacht Club Announces 2012 Sailing Lesson Program

The Ephraim Yacht Club (EYC) has announced its junior group sailing lesson program for 2012.

The EYC will offer lessons over a nine-week period beginning June 11, in a single, one-week session and four, two-week sessions. Lessons are taught Monday through Friday both in the mornings and afternoons. Lessons are offered for beginners through advanced students, from first graders through teenagers.

The EYC’s lessons include on-shore and on-the-water instruction, including nomenclature, sailing theory, safety, seamanship, boat handling, and boat care. The EYC has an experienced staff of 16 certified instructors and maintains a fleet of 33 sailboats (including Flying Scots, Flying Juniors, Lasers and Optimists) for use in its lesson program.

“As one of the largest sailing schools in the Midwest, the EYC teaches over 200 juniors how to sail every summer,” said EYC Education Committee Chairman Jay Lott. “Sailing is a lifetime sport which is athletic but does not require unusual coordination, size or strength.”

Lesson price varies by the length of the session, but is always less than $11 per hour. A typical two-week session includes 10 days (30 hours) of instruction for $300, but some sessions are priced as low as $130.

EYC membership is required to take lessons. Membership is open to all; annual membership dues begin at $50. The EYC maintains a fleet of 36 sailboats and kayaks for use by members in lessons, racing, and day sailing.

For more information visit or contact Lott at 414.322.7880 or via email at [email protected].

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