Escaped Mustang Safely Corralled

The Door County Sheriff’s Office kept concerned horse lovers and others captivated on its Facebook page this week when it reported on a wild mustang on the loose.

The horse entered the bay of Green Bay from Bay Shore Drive in the Town of Sevastopol on Sunday, Nov. 13, around 2 pm, and swam to Potawatomi State Park, according to the dispatches from the Sheriff’s Office. The horse continued running around Grondin Road and Duluth Avenue. 

The owner of the wild mustang said that no one should try to approach it, according to the Sheriff’s Office, but spottings continued to be called in. By Monday, the horse was observed running south from the area of Shiloh Road near Division Road. 

Though several attempts to contain the horse were unsuccessful, a local horse whisperer, Jesus “Chewy” Jauregui, arrived on the scene, and the horse was safely captured on Monday morning. The Sheriff’s Office said Jauregui assisted in corralling the mustang and thanked him for his help. 

Jauregui is a horse trainer in general, and of wild mustangs in particular. When the Peninsula Pulse last caught up with him in 2020, he and his then-11-year-old son, Fernando, were putting their mustangs through their paces at their indoor barn on County A in Baileys Harbor in preparation for the Extreme Mustang Makeover. 

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