Featured Pet: Katrina

This week’s featured pet is Katrina, a nine-year-old domestic shorthair calico cat. She was surrendered to the Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus on March 26 because a younger male cat in the home kept attacking her; the shelter is unaware of any behavior issues related to Katrina herself. She is a senior cat who is very friendly and loves attention. She has no problem living with other cats but definitely lets them know when she needs her space (she growls but doesn’t get too aggressive). She does have food allergies that cause her to over-clean herself, resulting in loss of hair in a couple spots. She is now on special food which should help. She loves her cubbie but has no problem coming out for affection from whoever wanders in her colony. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Katrina, stop in during normal open hours.

Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus, located across from the Cherryland Airport at 3475 County Road PD in Sturgeon Bay, is open for adoptions 12-6 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 12-4 pm Saturday. For more information call 920.746.1111.


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