Gaelic Storm at DCA

World-renown Celtic band, Gaelic Storm, will perform at the Door Community Auditorium in Fish Creek on Sunday, August 15 at 8 pm.

Cast as the “steerage band” in the legendary film Titanic over 10 years ago, Gaelic Storm has since made an international name for themselves in the music industry. Their unique Celtic sound, created by cultural instruments such as the bagpipes, Celtic drums, and the fiddle, offer unparalleled entertainment for all ages.

The band officially took form on St. Patrick’s Day, 1996, when Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger performed at a local pub in Santa Monica, California. Since the band’s birth, they have acquired three additional artists: Ryan Lacey, Pete Purvis, and Jessie Burns.

Gaelic Storm has since recorded seven Billboard Chart-topping albums. The band’s newest album, Cabbage, released on August 3, debuted at #1 on the iTunes World Music Chart.

The Door Community Auditorium is located at 3926 Highway 42 in Fish Creek. Tickets are $22-$35. For more information or to reserve tickets, visit the box office, call 920.868.2728, or visit