Get Lost in Woodwalk’s Sunflower Labyrinth

Since Andrew Seefeldt and Jillaine Burton Seefeldt became the new owners of the Woodwalk Gallery three years ago, they have been slowly molding the surrounding landscape and gardens on the property to be something new. Andrew, being an avid gardener, has created an inviting front garden full of flowers, pathways, artistic sculptures and a new stone patio. The current main attraction, however, is hidden from view behind the barn gallery.

Wander through the barn and into the back lawn and you will spot the bright yellow labyrinth in full bloom. “It’s the first year we’ve planted the sunflowers,” said Andrew. “The labyrinth was here from the old owners, but it was mainly grass with some wildflowers. We had the idea and thought it was a good way to keep offering something new to visitors.”

The time to see the sunflower labyrinth is now through the next week or two as the sunflowers are in bloom and showing their full effect. Walk down the back stairs and across the open grass to enter into the spiral of a path that leads you in a circle toward the center of the maze, where you will find the largest sunflowers of all.

After the sunflowers comes what Andrew calls the “gourd tunnel” – a tunnel that is being taken over by the flowering vines of what will soon be growing the seasonal gourds. Early September visitors are welcome to walk through the tunnel, although you may have to watch your head for the hanging gourds.

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