Gibraltar Faculty Uplifts Student Body with Virtual Spirit Week

In anticipation of the Peninsula Pulse’s Graduation Issue coming out May 22, the Pulse has contacted the newspapers and yearbooks of each school district to invite students to contribute stories about school life amid the COVID-19 pandemic and finishing the 2020 school year from home. This week, Gibraltar’s school newspaper, the Viking Voice, contributed articles to the Pulse.

by Betsy Lecy, Gibraltar Freshman

With the current circumstances of the coronavirus, it’s easy to lose touch with mental health. Like most people, teens have been forced to break away from a daily schedule and embrace the new norm of isolation and self-discipline. 

To ease this transition, Gibraltar administration organized a virtual Spirit Week to uplift the student body. It took the form of a slideshow accessible to secondary teachers and students. Viewers who wished to participate simply sent an image of themselves fulfilling the theme to the coordinator, teacher Mary Witteborg. 

On April 6, Gibraltar began Spirit Week with Miss You Monday: a day that was limited to faculty as they created a slideshow that depicted teachers and faculty in their homes holding signs that read, “Happy Spirit Week, Gibraltar Secondary! We hope you will join us in some Gibraltar spirit fun!” 

On Tuesday, students began to participate with a Disguise Day theme. Pictures were posted with participating faculty and students in costumes that concealed their faces. Viewers were able to take a guess at the identities behind the costumes. 

On Wednesday, participants appreciated nature through Spring Activity Day. This was in response to how many students tend to get lost in the comfort of their homes and technologies. This day motivated students to go outdoors to promote the happiness that nature provides. Spring Activity Day did not require any form of exercise. Just a simple stay in nature can have a positive effect on mental health. 

On Thursday, Viking Gear Day concluded Gibraltar’s Spirit Week. It encouraged participants to sport their favorite Gibraltar gear and share photos with their classmates. This day was a reminder that in spite of not attending school, Gibraltar is still a community that supports everyone who’s experiencing hardships during these trying times.

Viking Voice Editor Solomon Lindenberg also contributed to this piece.