Hike This: Variety Is the Spice of Life at Heins Creek Nature Preserve

For a first hike of the spring season, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the short loop at the Heins Creek Nature Preserve. At .81 miles as my watch clocked it, this 30-minute hike takes you through some of the richest geological diversity the Door County Land Trust has to offer. With sand dunes, open areas, tight tree corridors and a water feature that is the preserve’s namesake, you’re going to see something new every few minutes. 

This hike’s highlight has to be the variety of environments you experience in such a short distance. Photo by Andrew Kleidon.

Where: 7112 Hwy 57, Baileys Harbor

Distance: Not quite one mile 

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Though the changes in elevation are gentle, icy paths can be challenging before the snow thaws.

Highlights: The variety of sights constantly provides something new to look at, and with some snow still on the ground, animal tracks are plentiful.

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