If Life Gives You Lemons…

The Boys and Girls Club of Door County will set up five lemonade stands throughout Sturgeon Bay on Friday, Aug. 2. Since June, members (ages 6-10) have been planning for the lemonade stands during the Club’s summer program. Club members take a very hands-on role in this project, doing everything from discussing a business plan and identifying a goal (beating last year’s sale of 403 glasses) to marketing their stands.

The members brainstormed locations for potential lemonade stands, considering the most important aspect of opening a business – location. Members then wrote letters to identified businesses asking if the Boys and Girls Club could run a stand on their premises. “We are grateful to the businesses who have agreed to allow us to set up our small businesses on their premises that day,” said Program Director Julie Davis.

As part of this project, club members determined what supplies and ingredients would be needed, and researched how much these items would cost. They also discussed the meaning of the words “profit” and “expense” and determined that to break even they will need to sell 207 cups of lemonade. After weighing the pros and cons of different prices, and the effects on profit these prices may have, members voted on how much a cup of lemonade would cost. Members also practiced counting money and making change.

“Kids love to run lemonade stands and we have 35 kids that will be opening five small businesses, albeit for a short time period, on August 2. We invite the community to come and enjoy a glass of lemonade and support our entrepreneur’s efforts and excitement for running their own small businesses,” said CEO Heather Powell.

Locations of the stands will be: First Merit Bank (corner of Egg Harbor and 15th), Appliances Plus (corner of Third and Oregon), Door County Traders (Third Avenue), Pick N Save (Egg Harbor Road) and Bay Pharmacy (Egg Harbor Road). Stands will be open from 11:30 am to 1 pm. A glass of lemonade will cost 50 cents.