2010 Philanthropy Issue

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In this issue

  • But the Greatest of These Is Charity

    The genesis for Edgewood Orchard Galleries’ latest cookbook, An Artist’s Food for the Soul, lay in the past. “Twenty years ago my mom had the idea,” Nell Emerson Jarosh recalled, “and began gathering recipes.” But that project was eventually set aside. “[Our] 30th anniversary [in 1999] was really fun, with bands and tents,” she continued. […]

  • The Circle of Music

    For the aspiring musician and the music lover, Birch Creek Performance Center in Door County embodies a fantasy turned into reality. Young musicians rehearse and attend workshops in the summer sunshine. Performances fill crisp evenings with powerful symphonies. It’s enough to make a person want to frolic through a field of daisies. This year, Birch […]

  • Balancing Act

    Almost inevitably, every community-minded leader in Door County will be asked at one time or another to serve on the board of directors of one of our local charities. It’s volunteer work, so it sounds simple enough; but, what does it actually mean to serve on the board of directors of a non-profit organization? To […]

  • Double Standard

    In 2008 Muhtar Kent, Chief Executive Officer of Coca Cola Company, made nearly $14 million in salary, bonuses and other compensation. That same year Louis Camilleri, CEO of Philip Morris, took home $36.9 million, and Robert Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, filled his pockets with $51.1 million. Directors of companies that sell soda, […]

  • Door County Celebrates Giving

    Guenzel is Door County Community Foundation’s 2009 Philanthropist of the Year Jo Guenzel has spent three decades giving to the Door County community, helping to organize the first free clinic and women’s health program on the peninsula. On July 22, 2009, the Door County Community Foundation thanked her at its fourth annual Celebration of Giving, […]

  • Inside Scandia Village

    The largest employer in northern Door County has as its motto:  “In Christ’s Love, Everyone is Someone.” The Good Samaritan-Scandia Village’s mission is “to share God’s love in word and deed by providing shelter and supportive services to older persons and others in need.” This senior residence and nursing facility was established by a group […]

  • Bringing People Together

    The mood is festive, and sticky-fingered children and their parents and grandparents are having a ball making gingerbread houses. The event takes place every year at two different sites, planned and organized by the Family Centers of Door County (FCDC). It’s a typical event for the Family Centers:  fun, free, intergenerational, and educational. You may […]

  • Generations of Generosity

    Lee Traven was eager to meet me for an interview one Wednesday morning in September [2008], but his time for conversation was limited. By the time he and I met at 9:00 am, Traven had already finished a meeting with one of the many committees on which he serves, discussing the ways in which the […]

  • With a Little Help from My Friends

    Visitors to Newport State Park can learn about the area’s cultural history by visiting a sizable kiosk just a short walk from parking lot three. This impressive structure was partially funded by the Newport Wilderness Society, along with the Door County Historical Society. “We are standing right about here,” remarks Jack Travis, current President of […]