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Volume 20 Issue 3

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In this issue

  • Still Bellying Up at the Bayside After 100 Years

    The facade may have changed, but the soul remains at a stool at the back of the Bayside Tavern.  That’s where, every day around 3 pm, Elaine MacDonald takes to her post at the sociable side of the bar. That’s where, in her 47th year of owning the bar that remains at the center of […]

  • FAIRWAYS: Oh, How the 19th Hole Has Changed

    You don’t play the clubhouse – you play the course. That rings true for some golf purists, but facilities that provide a place to mingle, dine, sip a cocktail or enjoy a great view also attract those who’ve never teed it up on Door County golf courses. But clubhouses haven’t always drawn in nongolfers. For […]

  • Lifting A Stein at the Haus on the Hill

    “German beer is brewed according to Reinheitsgebot, a law adopted in Bavaria in 1516 which permits only water, hops and malt as ingredients. Yeast was later added to the list.” Who says nothing good happens after midnight? It was well after that hour in 2018 when Kevin Lawell and David Kurth were finishing up a […]

  • Spatchcocking Chicken

    Autumn is a wonderful time to keep your grill in rotation in Door County because grilled chicken – paired with all the fall bounty that you can find at the farmers markets – equals happy bellies and satisfied guests. I was raised in a home with a mom who baked lots of chicken and smashed […]

  • Up on the Rooftop: Jauregui brothers built reputation job by job

    The first roofing job Chewy Jauregui ever took almost made him walk away from the profession.  Someone Jauregui knew did roofing part time and hired him for one job. But after a week of working on a problematic steep incline that was hard to walk on, let alone roof, it wasn’t an experience he wanted […]

  • Door to Culture: The roots of DCA’s Passport Programs

    Door County definitely felt more quiet and secluded in 1982. Let’s be real: No internet. A lot fewer tourists and seasonal workers. No Door Community Auditorium to bring performers from around the world to this rural peninsula of Wisconsin.  So, a group of parents – the Emersons, Birminghams and Guenzels, to name a few – […]

  • ​​Eat, Pray, Sail: One woman’s journey into the open seas

    Born in Milwaukee to a working-class family that never sailed, Gwen Whitney was unlikely to become a sailor. Still, she put her sails to the wind, obtained her captain’s license, bought a fixer-upper in an auction and has spent the last three years refurbishing her vessel, Squall, with the help of sailors throughout Door County. […]

  • Gibraltar graduate Makayla Swain is No Stranger to Adventure

    Even at age 25, Makayla Swain is no stranger to adventure. The biologist and 2015 Gibraltar High School graduate has worked near and far in her quest to better understand the living species on our planet, conducting research projects in Panama, the Arctic, both coasts of Canada and here in Door County. Swain was born […]

  • Pitstops: Six Places to Check Out on the Way In to Door County

    By JENNIFER MUCH The winding roads leading to Door County are speckled with gems that are off the beaten path but definitely worth a visit. Here are a few treasures to hunt for on the way in or out of Door County. Wequiock Falls and the Jean Nicolet Statue 3426 Bay Settlement Road, Green Bay […]

  • Faces of the Finish at the Door County Half Marathon

    For 13 of the 14 editions of the Door County Half Marathon, I have stood at the finish line and cheered for as many of the finishers as I could. I’ve heard many inspiring stories in my role as course director, but as we look ahead to edition 15 of the race on May 6, […]

  • On the Quiet Side: A century of history at Olson Cottage

    It’s getting tough for vacationers to experience the “quiet side” – the eastern shore – of the Door peninsula for a couple of reasons. Along a few stretches of shoreline, condos and modern homes have replaced the tiny cottages that were demolished or moved. It’s also not easy to lock in a weeklong stay in […]

  • Candles for Ukraine

    Russia launched a full-scale invasion of the democratic Ukraine on Feb. 24. By midsummer, the war still raged and entire cities had been captured. There was tragic loss of life and human suffering, massive damage to Ukraine’s physical infrastructure, and millions of refugees fleeing from their homeland. In the U.S., the news of the war […]

  • Edible and Poisonous Wild Mushrooms

    Author’s Note: This article is not meant to encourage anyone to eat wild mushrooms. Ignorance and carelessness are the major reasons why people suffer poisoning and sometimes death. Wild mushrooms have their particular growing season and are dependent on adequate soil moisture to develop. Many mycophagists (people who eat fungi such as mushrooms) know the […]