JJ’s Evens Record

Notes from the warming house:

• Several players noted that the ice has been particularly slick this year, welcome words in a league where a full rink of ice was once a bonus.

• Wild Tomato sits atop the standings with one game to go against Husby’s next week, but word in the warming house is Alexander’s is the Hilander Cup favorites. The Tomatoes beat them in week one, but Alexander’s has since added the Chomeaus to a stacked roster.

• After facing an early schedule against the top of the league, JJ’s has rallied to even their record at 3 – 3 after last night’s shutout of Door County Brewing Company.

• Door County Brewing Company, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about the loss. “That’s almost a win for us,” said one player. The Brew Crew has steadily improved and was bailed out last night by some stellar play from defender Paula Anschutz. She played every minute and saw a lot of action from a JJ’s squad that spent the night on offense.

Week 6 Results

Alexander’s 9, Husby’s 0

Door County Brewing Company 0, JJ’s 6

Horseshoe Bay 0, Wild Tomato 13

Bye: Cornerstone

Week 7, Feb. 12 Schedule

6:30 Horseshoe Bay vs. Alexander’s

7:30 Wild Tomato vs. Husby’s

8:30 Cornerstone vs. Door County Brewing Company

Bye: JJ’s


1. Wild Tomato, 5-0

2. Alexander’s, 4-1

3. Cornerstone, 3-2

4. JJ’s, 3-3

5. Husby’s, 2-3

6. Horseshoe Bay, 1-4

7. Door County Brewing Company, 0-5



Brian Fitzgerald, 16

Mike Jaeckel, 13

Matt Anderson, 12

Sawyer Johnson, 9

Brian Tourmo, 9

Spencer Johnson, 8


Brian Fitzgerald, 15

Matt Anderson, 10

Brian Tourmo, 9

Mike Jaeckel, 9

Steve Chomeau, 9

Tony Fischer, 7

Vince Liveri, 7

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