Joel Kitchens to Visit County Legislative Committee

City of Sturgeon Bay: The Finance/Purchasing & Building Committee meets at 4 pm on March 29.

County of Door: The Legislative Committee meets at 3 pm on March 30. Rep. Joel Kitchens will be at the meeting to discuss issues from the last legislative session as well as to plan for the next session.

Village of Egg Harbor: The Library Ad-Hoc Committee meets at 1 pm on March 28. The Plan Commission meets at noon on March 29. The Parks & Public Works Committee meets at 8:30 am on March 30.

Village of Sister Bay: The Village of Sister Bay approved the quarry purchase price of $650,000, which includes the restoration of the site. Village Administrator Zeke Jackson said that cost will be rolled into the current village debt service at an increase of less than 0.1 percent on the local tax rolls. Possible plans for the site include small lot residential units, warehousing space for commercial use, or creating another TIF district to incentivize development, an idea spurred by requests from three nearby property owners.


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