Johnny Jackson

Johnny Jackson was born on a farm in Austin, Texas. He was very curious like a cat, clever, cunning, and strong. Johnny always would play with his twine lasso and pretend to lasso creatures. When he turned ten, he became as good a lassoer as even the best were. One day he entered a contest and said he wanted to lasso the most threatenin’ and hardest steer to catch.

They made him lasso White Lightnin’. Soon he got his lasso spinnin’ and with one mighty throw he lassoed White Lightnin’. Immediately, he jumped on White Lightnin’ and the steer started buckin’ like a bull. The horse reared up to throw Johnny off, but Johnny had a hold as tight as a tick. White Lightnin’ then ran out of energy and surrendered.

Since Johnny won the contest he was able to keep White Lightnin’. They soon became great pals and stayed side by side. When Johnny grew older he became Austin’s sheriff and went around capturin’ all the outlaws and bringing them to jail. Most notably, he captured Vulture Vern who was meaner than a shark and the town’s most notorious outlaw. One day, Johnny was looking at wanted posters downtown and saw a picture of Coyote Carlos.

Carlos and his gang were the most feared. They were badder than any outlaws in the West, and if he came to your town you’d better do what he said. Carlos and his gang went around pillagin’ towns, and causing problems all across the Southwest. Johnny decided he had to catch Carlos and bring him to justice, so he set off with his lasso and White Lightnin’. On the way they encountered a beast meaner than a pit bull and uglier than a coyote. He lassoed that beast and spun it so fast he spun its skin right off.

In the process he tore his lasso in half, so he made a new one from the animal hide. This lasso was stronger than steel and as light as a feather. He continued on his journey and on the way rounded up a few outlaws and criminals. He then had to cross several mountains that stretched far above the clouds. Undeterred by the massive mountains, he had White Lightnin’ gallop right up the slopes.

At the summits of the mountains the winds were howlin’ and very cold. When Johnny and White Lightnin’ got to the top he just rode White Lightnin’ down. Johnny had to cross canyons miles deep. And when they got to the river, which was five miles across. White Lightnin’ galloped so fast he ran straight across the river.

From there on out it was clear sailing for the two. Just before they went to find Coyote Carlos they stopped in a town and stayed there overnight. Johnny asked several folks if they had seen Coyote Carlos in these parts and they said Carlos and his gang had their hideout a mile away in a cave. Johnny took their advice and set off to find them. It only took them a little while to find the cave.

Johnny got off White Lightnin’ and went inside. Coyote Carlos saw him and alerted his gang. After a brief skirmish most of Carlos’s gang was eliminated and the rest fled in terror. Only one stayed though and that was Coyote Carlos. He was not about to surrender even though he was no match for the legendary Johnny Jackson.

Johnny Jackson lassoed Coyote Carlos as quickly as you could say cricket. Johnny spun Coyote Carlos so hard Carlos turned into a tornado and there was nothing left of him. Today Johnny Jackson is still alive; catchin’ criminals and turning them into tornados.