June is Jewelry Month at Turtle Ridge

Each year Turtle Ridge receives jewelry from their artists and it is time to celebrate their many and diverse talents in metal, stone, glass and leather.

Favorites Laurette O’Neil, Steve Mitchell and Lesley Bruce Smith have returned. Mitchell will bring in some new work that is sure to surprise, with his use of unique stones and oxidized silver. Bruce Smith is creating little paintings in colored pencil and enamel on jewelry pieces. O’Neil’s classic designs are modern and wearable with unexpected little details or engineered closures.

Owner Mary Ellen Sisulak has combined leather and geodes, jasper and agates into pins and earrings.

Arthur Ragauskas’ work is organic in form, the oxidized silver strongly contracts with the stunning stones and diamonds, which the silver envelopes.

Mariana Dimitrova is an artist that explores natural fibers in new ways. She works with silk cocoons that she dyes with spinach, turmeric and other natural dyes.

For a limited time, the first week of June, Turtle Ridge features a new artist, Laurel Karnecki. Karnecki trained at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco in 2004. She tuned her craft working in fine jewelry, setting diamonds and carrying out repair in a traditional jewelry store. In 2009 she opened her own business, Laurel’s Bench.

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