League Lens: Observations of Local Government

The League of Women Voters of Door County Observer Corps monitors Door County local government in order to understand and shine a light on issues of importance to the League. This column, provided to the Peninsula Pulse as part of a Community Journalism project, shares a snapshot of what is happening in county, municipal and school government as observed through the lens of the League’s positions. Connect with the Observer Corps at [email protected]


Town of Liberty Grove Board

Liberty Grove issued a fiber optic, broadband implementation Request For Proposal (RFP) in December. The town’s Technology Committee discussed the responses on Feb. 2 in general terms in an open meeting, then ranked the responses in a closed meeting on Feb. 6. A recommendation to select Frontier went to the Town Board for further review and action on Feb. 9. That recommendation was further analyzed and discussed by the town board. The bBoard then acted unanimously 5-0 to select the Frontier response to be presented to the public at a Jan. 26 hearing.


Door County Health and Human Services Board

During their Feb. 12 meeting, the Door County Health and Human Services Board proposed that Special Projects Funds of up to $15,000 be authorized to contract with Core Treatment Services (CTS) for an analysis to include community assessment, clarification of objectives, and framework required for launching a successful Sober Living Facility in Door County. This Phase One study will inform Health and Human Services regarding feasibility and next steps for launching a Sober Living Facility. Pending the outcome of Phase One, Health and Human Services will have the opportunity to contract with CTS for Phase Two (design, development and activation) and Part Three (design, development and activation) of a Sober Living Facility.

The proposal was unanimously approved by the Door County Finance Committee Feb. 20, and then unanimously by the Door County Board of Supervisors on Feb. 27, authorizing up to $15,000 from the Special Projects Funds to be used for the analysis.

Door County Joint Administrative & Finance Committee

On Feb. 29, the joint committee approved the restructure of the Health and Human Services Department Behavioral Health Organization Unit Chart. This would require changes to three job descriptions resulting in changes in the pay grades for two of the positions. Health and Human Services Director Joe Krebsbach reported that he believed the reorganization would allow the department to better accomplish their mission and require no additional tax levy in 2024.

The Door County Board unanimously approved the reorganization at their Feb. 27 meeting. 


Door County Highway and Facilities Committee  

At the committee’s Feb. 14 meeting, Highway Commissioner Thad Ash reported on a Plant Growth Regulator Program that some counties have adopted in which an herbicide is sprayed on highway right-of-ways to inhibit the growth of roadside plants to save money on roadside cutting. Door County is involving the Soil and Water Department to evaluate it because of environmental concerns.

The committee also unanimously approved proceeding with planning and bidding out an HVAC Retrofit project for the Justice Center recommended through a Focus on Energy evaluation. The goals of the project include improvement of the environment, reduction of energy use and reduction of operating and maintenance costs.

The committee also accepted a Sturgeon Bay Utilities Grant of $1,000 for an electric vehicle charging station installation.


Sevastopol Town Board 

At the Feb. 19 meeting of the Sevastopol Town Board, Supervisor Jeanne Vogel presented the Audio Visual Committee’s proposal for upgrading the meeting room’s sound system. The new speaker system will improve not only the room’s sound but the remote viewing on YouTube and Cable channels. The cost $19,624 will come from capital improvement funds. The proposal was approved unanimously. Installation will begin soon. 

Also from that meeting, the 2024 town board newsletter will be available in June/July, featuring items of interest to the Sevastopol community. 

Finally, County Board Supervisor Hugh Zettel, whose District 14 includes representation of Sevastopol, announced from the audience during the meeting that the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh will again be offering well testing for $30.

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