Letter to the Editor: I Ask for Your Vote, Gibraltar

With all the meetings I have during the month, on the town board and the county board, I have had little time to focus on campaigning. April 4th is right around the corner and I’m once again asking for your vote. I have worked hard to support the needs of our beautiful and historic town and have always looked for balanced approaches to the issues the town faces. Though we may not always agree, on the solution, I care deeply about our community, it’s history, and all it’s people. I also made a big commitment joining the county board, as I saw the value to our town by being on both boards – something we have been missing for almost 10 years. Though it’s only been a year, I am already seeing the benefits to the town, being in this dual role. Of course, for this to continue, I need your support on April 4th! We have some major projects in the planning stages and I have devoted a huge amount of time to them, so I hope you will give me a chance to see them through. I also, am very concerned about the spending and taxation that will come with these projects. I don’t have anyone financing my campaign, so you won’t see expensive postcards and national campaigning tactics. You might see road signs and homemade flyers, but I hope it’s my experience and devotion to you, my friends, relatives, neighbors, customers, and the Town I call my home, that means more than campaign rhetoric. I spent my life here, raising a family, and I have spent countless hours over the last 10 years working, for you, with you, and fighting for you and the Town of Gibraltar. Thank you for your vote.

Steve Sohns

Fish Creek, Wis.