Letter to the Editor: HELP Comments on Proposed ‘Permitless’ Carry Bill

Today a piece of legislation regarding firearms is receiving a public hearing in the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. Senate Bill 169, sometimes known as the ‘permitless’ carry bill. If passed, this bill would wipe out our current, reasonable regulations of public gun carrying. Specifically, this dangerous bill would:

  • Eliminate the current requirement for training and a background check prior to carrying a concealed weapon
  • Eliminate Wisconsin’s current gun-free school zones law, allowing guns on school grounds and in school buildings unless signs have been posted
  • Mandate that schools must allow guns in cars parked or traveling on school property
  • Reduce the penalty for illegally carrying firearms in school zones from a felony to a misdemeanor or a fine
  • Reduce the minimum age requirement to conceal and carry a loaded weapon from 21 to 18

I am writing today on behalf of victims of domestic violence in Door County and throughout our state urging our legislators to oppose Senate Bill 169. Eliminating common-sense, widely supported gun regulation laws will directly impact victims of domestic abuse by increasing their risk of harm and death at the hands of violent batterers. Without measures like universal background checks, abusers will continue to exploit loopholes allowing them to get guns to terrorize and kill victims in our communities. This legislation would be a huge step backwards for the safety and wellbeing of survivors of domestic violence in our state. We ask that you please support Wisconsin domestic abuse survivors by opposing this misguided proposal. We hope that the citizens of Door County will contact our elected representatives and express their concerns as we all work together to make Door County and our state a better place to live.


Steven Vickman, Executive Director, HELP of Door County

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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