Letter to the Editor: Kewaunee Should Be Concerned about Back 40 Mine

It is extremely embarrassing for Kewaunee County residents, when throughout the country our claim to fame is bad water, tons of manure, and contaminated wells. Kewaunee County Board members should be alert to any and all possible threats to a clean water supply.

And, to add to the embarrassment, we remain the only county bordering Green Bay and Lake Michigan that has not sent a resolution opposing the proposed Canadian Back 40 Mine in Michigan. This would be metals mining, creating an 800’ deep crater just a few hundred feet from the banks of the Menominee River. This is a beautiful, powerful, unimpaired river; a great fishery and recreational lure and it empties into Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

The case for potential pollution of sulfide remnants into the river from this mine is at the heart of the opposition.  

The resolution appeared on the December Personnel Committee agenda and was somewhat discussed but tabled or dismissed. One reason: that this mine was in Michigan. Kewaunee County is not isolated! We have connected neighbors and this includes Michigan.

If Kewaunee County Board’s No. 1 priority is to work for clean water, the board members should agree with our bordering, neighboring counties and make sure this resolution appears on the March County Board meeting (2018) to be discussed and voted upon. County residents should question their representatives.


Sue Weisser

Kewaunee, Wis.

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