Letter to the Editor: These May Be Our ‘Good Old Days’

Wow! The NorDor anti-Trump hate-mongers have been extremely active on the Pulse’s opinion page lately.

Apparently, President Trump made a huge mistake when he condemned violence by both left and right protesters, when the right answer was obviously to condemn only right-wing violence.

Check out theses quotes: “rising fascism, ” “supporting racism and bigotry,” “supporting white supremacy,” “neo-Nazism,” “the evil before us,” “support for the KKK,” “loudmouthed dictator,” not to mention “oppression, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism.” And let’s not forget “this ridiculous, childish, inflammatory, demeaning twitter habit.”

While the richness of their vocabulary is beyond question, I think that these folks miss the big picture. The “inflammatory” rhetoric, putting “America First,” the rejection of political correctness, the criticism of political party leaders of both sides, calling out the leaders of the FBI, CIA, and the judicial, replacing “Obamacare,” calling the slackers “slackers,” enforcing established immigration law, facing up to North Korea, ISIS, and Iran, expressing impatience with the UN, not tolerating failure, telling it like it is, and demanding productivity from government employees – the factors that attract most of the bile from the Left, were the very things that got Trump elected in the first place. Voters were fed up with the status quo and conventional candidates. Enter Trump and Bernie.

Although Bernie nearly won the Democratic nomination, he was eventually done in by the Clinton-dominated DNC’s dirty tricks, as revealed by WikiLeaks. Trump, though, squeezed out a victory from a very crowded field of accomplished GOP candidates – because he was brash, confident beyond belief, impulsive, and worshipped no sacred cows.

No one, but no one, gave Trump a chance of winning. HRC outspent him by nearly a two-to-one margin. Big media was nearly 100 percent in the bag for HRC. Countless editorials warned of the disaster of a Trump victory. Unfit, they said. Yes, he was a bomb-thrower, he ran as a bomb-thrower, and he won because people wanted a bomb-thrower.

That Trump is also an achiever, however, cannot be denied. He parlayed a successful New York real estate company into a global economic empire; featuring casinos, residence towers, office buildings, hotels, golf courses, resorts, and more. He ran international pageants. He was a TV celebrity. He hob-nobbed with global leaders. Did he or his people talk with Russians? I would assume so. Just as they would talk to the Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Europeans, Mid-Easterners, etc. His economic field of play is global.

So what has happened that so riles our NorDor haters? No “Dreamers” have been deported. Maybe his denunciation of right-wing violence wasn’t quick enough for their tastes. But what has really happened? Illegal immigration into the U.S. has dropped dramatically. The stock market is experiencing a string of all-time highs. Unemployment is in the historic low range. Instead of Wisconsin companies leaving the state to go overseas, foreign companies are now coming here. Jobs, jobs, jobs. And no, not just for white people. For everybody! It seems, for example, that Blacks are better off economically under Trump than they were under Obama.

So, my friends, count your blessings. In the future, these might well be the good old days.


Tom Felhofer

Luxemburg, Wis.

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