Letter to the Editor: More Support Needed for Local Fire Departments

My compliments on your informative piece highlighting a fire fighter training class and, by extension, the fire & rescue service in northern Door County [“Two Veterans Train New Crop of Volunteer Firefighters” by Jim Lundstrom]. Public awareness is vital for increasing support of the local fire departments responsible for delivering these services.

All of the fire departments in northern Door County are in need of additional members and support. Your article goes a long way toward raising awareness of this important community service.

May I suggest the Pulse collaborate with the various fire departments to create and publish regular articles focused on the training, operations and responsibilities of the individual departments, which, through mutual aid arrangements, provide fire and rescue coverage to all of Northern Door. I think many, if not all, of these departments document their activities, including photos.

As an example, the Gibraltar Fire Department recently completed installing the first phase of a training structure within the fire station. This benefits neighboring departments, as well, when Gibraltar hosts joint training.

The hope here is to, over time, stimulate increased public participation in all facets of their local fire department’s organization, which will benefit all who live and visit here.

Thank you for a welcome focus on the fire and rescue services in northern Door County.

Paul Fink

Fish Creek, Wis.

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