Letter to the Editor: I Support Seyfer

Our Gibraltar community will soon lose a vital advocate and volunteer, school board member Wendy Minten. I wish the Minten family all the best as they embark on new opportunities.

At the spring election on Tuesday, April 4, Wendy Minten’s name will appear on the ballot because she is no longer able to remove it due to a missed deadline. The residents of the Gibraltar School District will have an option for a highly qualified write-in candidate, Stephen Seyfer. I support this candidate. For fifteen years, Steve Seyfer has been an effective leader of our district, serving as the superintendent as well as a combined role of superintendent-elementary principal for several years. He brings a skill set to the board like no other. Steve knows our unique community and how board decisions affect our families and northern Door economics. For years, he has overseen our school’s spending with fiscal integrity. Steve is an educator and motivator. He understands best instructional practices and continues to encourage educators in his online blog. Steve keeps current with local, state, and federal policy changes and mandates. His unique perspective derived from a blend of roles as father, grandfather, educator, principal, superintendent, taxpayer and author, make him a highly qualified candidate. Steve Seyfer will be an outstanding asset to our district, once again.

Please join me by voting for write-in candidate, Stephen Seyfer, on the April 4th ballot. Wisdom and integrity matter.

Jodi Hoyerman

Ephraim, Wis

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