Letter to the Editor: I Wish I Could Vote for Beller

My name is Claudia Scimeca and I am a resident of Egg Harbor. I am writing this letter to tell you why you should vote for Martha Scully Beller on April 4th for the District 3 Council Person of Sturgeon Bay. You might ask yourself why someone from Egg Harbor would be writing an endorsement letter for a candidate that she cannot even vote for. The answer is simple. I believe in Martha Scully Beller.

Martha is a friend and I am lucky enough to be a member of her Tweak Social Media & Marketing team. Martha is an amazing woman…she strikes the perfect balance of warmth, exuberance, passion and intelligence.

Martha and I often tease that her platform in life is communication, cooperation and collaboration. And now it has become her “platform” of sorts for her campaign. Martha is an incredible communicator. Communication begins with listening and Martha excels at listening. She uses her skills as an exceptional listener every single day in her work. She is patient and open as she listens to her client’s needs as well as to her team’s thoughts. She will use the gift of being a compassionate listener to the benefit of her constituents when she becomes the District 3 Councilperson. Martha puts great value in cooperation. To be the successful businesswoman that she is, she has honed the art of cooperation so that all views are respected and heard and a solution that works for all is put into place. Martha is a thoughtful woman who doesn’t make rash and irresponsible decisions. I have no doubt that Martha will use her skills of communication and cooperation to find a solution that works for the betterment of the city.

Finally, Martha believes in collaboration. She is incredible at tapping into the strengths and resources of those around her creating a team to be more effective. We are called the “Tweak Team “for a reason. Under Martha’s guidance, we have learned that two, three, four and more heads are better than one.

Martha is passionate about Sturgeon Bay. She lights up when she talks about her city. She wants only what is best for the city and for her constituents. She will hear your voice. She will feel your heart. And she will give her all to the City of Sturgeon Bay.

I wish I could vote for her. But, since I can’t, I ask you, District 3 residents, to please consider voting for Martha Scully Beller as your councilperson. You will be very glad that you did!


Claudia Scimeca

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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