Letter to the Editor: A Yes Vote for Students

On April 4th, our community will be given the opportunity to help define the future direction and level of services provided to our students. The district is asking for a two-year, non-recurring referendum authorizing the district budget to exceed its revenue limit by $936,000 for each of the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years, for nonrecurring purposes consisting of ongoing operational expenses necessary to maintain current educational programs and services.

The fact is the current school funding formula doesn’t allow increases in school district revenues to keep pace with inflation and places a greater burden for supporting education on the local taxpayers. The need for operational referendums is something which impacts not only the Southern Door School district but many other districts in Wisconsin. Districts have been told legislators are studying the school funding formula; however, any changes will not be seen for another two years.

As a graduate of Southern Door, community member, board president and parent of three children currently attending Southern Door, what happens in our district is extremely important to me. When looking at issues facing our district I always try to focus on the main reason we as a district exist, the students. Student achievement needs to remain a top priority and something we are willing to invest in to provide students an environment where they are encouraged to not only reach their potential but to exceed it.

I truly believe as a community we want to provide students with the best opportunities possible while remaining fiscally responsible. If you are a parent, grandparent, community member, etc. I would ask you to consider reaching out to some of the students we serve and get their perspective on what Southern Door means to them. Are we helping them develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve at high levels? Are we preparing them to meet future challenges, follow their dreams and become the best they can be?

My Grandmother always said “ It takes a village” and I firmly believe we need to work together to make sure we are being respectful, responsible, supportive and give our young people the best opportunities possible for their success.

The mission of the Southern Door School District is to ensure all children learn. Through our work as a collaborative community, students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve at a high level. We do this so our students can meet future challenges and be contributing members of our global society.

The three E’s- Engage, Empower and Excel are words you will see used in our district. We may be a small, rural school but as a community we always seem to pull together to provide our students with the best educational experiences we can.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our district. To learn more about the upcoming referendum please visit the district’s website. “Strong Schools” equal “Strong Communities”


Tammy Sternard

Southern Door School Board President

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