Letter: Refreshing, Eye-Opening Talk

Kudos to Stella Maris Roman Catholic Parish and the Climate Change Coalition of Door County for jointly sponsoring a talk entitled “Pope Francis, Creation and the Common Good: Reflections on His Recent Encyclical,” given September 29th at Stella Maris Parish in Fish Creek.

The speaker, Norbertine Brother Steve Herro, was very knowledgeable and a close follower of the words and actions of the current pope. The insights he shared were eye-opening for the large group in attendance. After he concluded his talk, representatives of three other faiths told of how they were working to offset, if not reverse, the effects of climate change in their communities.

After so much bickering among political parties on the subject of climate change, it is refreshing to witness how communities of faith are coming together to work on this challenging matter of both scientific and moral significance. A timely event, indeed!

Renny and David Lea

Fish Creek, Wis.

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