Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Reetz

I retired from a 26-year career in federal and local law enforcement to Door County for the same reason so many come here – for scenery, safety and security.

We are seeing a concerning trend involving repeat offenders in Door County who get arrested or cited numerous times for the same offenses.  Talk to the businesses, schools and libraries on state Highway 42 about their experiences. These repeat offenses go beyond trespassing and disorderly conduct, and have involved threats to juveniles who both live and work here. 

Our current judicial system isn’t dealing with repeat offenders. Judges who set ridiculously low bonds that they are reluctant to revoke, and spend their judgeships on the minimum edge of sentencing guidelines become enablers. Our Door County law enforcement who patrol our streets, woods and waters are tops in the country, but their efforts are nullified by judges who are reluctant to act within the law to protect the public.

In our own state, we saw two mass homicides in Waukesha and recently on a road in Waupaca County that involved repeat offenders. The bond set in Waupaca County is appalling. A justice system that enforces our laws prevents such tragedies.

We recently had an arrest in Baileys Harbor involving 10 counts of possession of child pornography. This comes in the wake of the federal prosecution of a child pornography case in Sturgeon Bay (United States v. Kone, 2022).

We are home to vulnerable communities. In addition to our children, we have a healthy senior population, a vibrant LGBTQ+ community and a growing number of Hispanic residents. We hear the pleas for protection from these communities. The way we protect our vulnerable neighbors is by electing judges committed to enforcing the law.

This is why, as former law enforcement, I’m supporting Brett Reetz for Branch 1 Circuit Court Judge. We need a judge like Brett Reetz who is unafraid to utilize the entire range of sentencing guidelines as necessary and detain suspects if needed to protect our community.

Criminal justice protects communities. Social justice destroys them.

Paul Kwiatkowski

Fish Creek, Wisconsin