Letter to the Editor: Bradley’s Family Thanks You

How does one express the excruciating pain from the unexpected loss of a child? Devastated, shocked, grieved, breathless, unable to think – simply numb.

After hearing the news of Bradley’s passing, his beautiful friends immediately showed up at his house and went to work. It was amazing to see them coordinate, take charge and help our family. Bradley’s house was cleaned, his refrigerator emptied and a funeral plot was arranged. Without hesitation, a trailer arrived, and his belongings were loaded up for us to head back to Washington Island. 

After the service, we wanted all those who loved Bradley to come to our home to continue celebrating our son, this wonderful and kind soul. Bradley’s friends went into action once again. We saw people putting up tents, unfolding chairs and delivering food. Friends brought pulled pork, brats, hot dogs, lasagna, mostaccioli, meatloaf and desserts galore – enough to feed hundreds.

As our family and friends arrived from all over the country, we worried about where they would all stay. Without even communicating this worry, the community jumped into action. Our hearts broke at the enormous outpouring and graciousness from this community offering their homes, guest houses and even campers for our family and friends to stay. Words as simple as “thank you” are not enough. We are still in awe. 

A heartfelt thank-you to the honorable men who loved Bradley and literally picked up a shovel and joined in to fill in Bradley’s gravesite to completion. Your dedication to our son is very humbling. 

Finally, there are no words to express our sincere gratitude for how this community, Bradley’s friends and the Jordans’ friends and family have been here for us. We have felt loved and supported during this most sorrowful time in our lives.

It has been placed on my heart to end with this: Please give your life to Jesus Christ before it is too late, as he is the only way to heaven, and we never know when we will take our last breath.

May God bless you all!

The Jordan Family
Washington Island, Wisconsin