Letter to the Editor: Christians, Please Vote

Consider your values and find a candidate that comes closest to those values. If you find someone you can agree with only 60 percent of the time, vote for that person. There is no perfect candidate because there are no perfect people. Not voting is the same as a vote for a candidate you almost never agree with. Keep the contact information for your elected legislator handy and let them know when you agree or disagree. can help you decide who shares your values.

Have you noticed that as election time nears and ads are aired, candidates are suddenly very conservative? They know that if they can produce a slick 60-second ad, you will believe them. Then they can ignore you for a year or two. Look closer so you know who is consistently conservative/liberal and shares your values. PAC ads are the worst. They do not answer to anyone, not even the candidate. They are free to lie and manipulate facts in ways that fit their agenda.

We currently have one U.S. Senator who supports most of the policies of the president, who supports life, who supports lower taxes and less regulation of our businesses and lives, who does not support open borders, who supports smaller government. Our other Senator does not support these things. Their votes cancel one another. Issues like the VA become a football. Once you decide which Senator supports your values, perhaps you will see that the candidates from the party they represent will also share more of your values.

Many have given much, others have given all so that you can vote; so that you can have a voice in your government.


Ruth Elmer

Combined Locks, Wis.

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