Letter to the Editor: Correcting a Misstatement

While we were very happy with the article promoting our campground in last week’s Peninsula Pulse, there is one item about which I spoke mistakenly that I would like to correct.

The article quoted me as saying that we bought our present business in a bankruptcy procedure, and this was not the case. I did not intend to say this, but obviously did. I have called the former owners, did my best to explain and also sincerely apologize. Tom and Jean Kowalski were very gracious and understanding, and I would like to publicly thank them and tell them how very sorry I am.

I guess this shows the dangers of not choosing our words correctly, as poor choices can have ramifications which can be totally unintended and hurtful. I intend to be more diligent about this in the future.

Terry Wurster

Owner, Dovetail Acres Campground

Liberty Grove, Wisconsin