Letter to the Editor: Dave Ward for Mayor

About 35 years ago I first hired Dr. Dave Ward as an expert finance witness for a trial. As our trial relationship continued, our friendship grew. He became a good friend but please know I write this as someone who knows him to be a very accomplished person.

During those 35 years, Dave has had/experienced many remarkable achievements, not the least of which is his moving to Sturgeon Bay with his wife and becoming residents of the city. Previously, he and and his family had vacationed at their cabin south of Sturgeon Bay.

Dave has a PhD in finance (hence Dr. but call him Dave) and has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Oshkosh, was a senior administrator at both campuses and the UW System. He also founded his own consulting firm, Northstar Analytics, and has done economic development and financial advising for 20 years.

Dave has been a member of the Sturgeon Bay City Council for two and one-half years and his decisions on matters brought before the council are educated, reasonable, nonemotional and nonpartisan.

The above qualifications make Dave Ward an ideal mayor for the City of Sturgeon Bay.

Please vote Dave Ward for mayor.

Roger Pinkert

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.