Letter to the Editor: Do the Right Thing in Egg Harbor

This is addressed to the Board of the Town of Egg Harbor. I am in support of the residents of Cherry Bluff estates in whatever they decide is necessary in questioning the proposed cheese factory near the estates. I own a lot in the subdivision but I don’t live there. The people who live there have a better idea of the benefits or potential problems of this undertaking, so I just wanted them to know that they have my support – whatever in their opinion is best for the area will be OK with me.

The more I hear about the factory development, the more I disagree with it being built. The Egg Harbor area is a beautiful section of Door County that many people invested in because they saw the quaint and peaceful nature that made it special. To practically desecrate the calm and beauty of the Cherry Bluff area is a mistake, and will only harbor uneasy feelings about what will happen next. People bought and built there with expectations of finding the serenity that made them happy. Why potentially destroy these ideals in order to bring in what could be a noisy, congested, pollution-laden business? Sturgeon Bay would be a better place for a business like this. Or a different part of Egg Harbor that wouldn’t cause so many problems. This is a special area that could only increase in desirability, and this Cheese Factory would destroy 30 years of building the area up.

Please do the right thing and act on the recommendations of the residents of Cherry Bluff Estates.


Thomas Krane,

Western Springs, Ill.

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