Letter to the Editor: Do You Believe …?

Do you believe the Affordable Care Act should be eliminated, removing 20 million people from health insurance rolls?

Do you believe Social Security should be destroyed, drastically reduced or underfunded?

Do you believe that undocumented people who have been here for many years, who pay taxes and who obey laws should be separated from their families and deported, and that DACA should be eliminated?

Do you believe that big businesses and wealthy individuals should get more tax cuts?

Do you believe America is better off without the trust and support of our allies?

Do you believe America has done better than the other developed countries of the world at containing the coronavirus?

Do you believe it’s acceptable for any president to continually lie to the American public?

Do you believe global warming is a hoax that is not necessary for the federal government to deal with?

Do you believe that weakening water, air and food protections is good for our children and grandchildren?

Do you believe that Jared Kuschner is the best international treaty negotiator for America?

Do you believe one can “drain the swamp” with Steve Bannon, Michael Stone, Roger Cohen, Paul Manafort, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Rudy Giuliani and others?

Do you believe that having Supreme Court justices who are against Roe v. Wade is all that matters in a justice?

Do you believe that dividing the country by race and color is a useful way to achieve progress?

Do you believe that making it difficult for people to vote is good for America?

Do you believe that senators and U.S. representatives should enable the above activities, either actively or with their silence?

Do you believe that morality, dignity, respect, integrity, intelligence, hard work, listening and fair play matter for a president?

So who will you vote for this election?

Robert Dold

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin